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1st November 2013 –

1. Response by the Association of Prison Lawyers to the Ministry of Justice consultation paper, “Transforming Legal Aid: Next Steps”. 1st November 2013

2. Response by the Association of Prison Lawyers to the Ministry of Justice consultation paper, “Judicial Review: proposals for further reform”. 1st November 2013

8th October 2013 –

1. Society warns PCT could still be resurrected – Law Society Gazette

Price-competitive tendering could be back on the table if solicitors do not accept the government’s revised criminal legal aid reforms, the Law Society’s chief executive has warned.

2. ‘Chris Grayling hypocrite on justice’ – Daily Express

THE Justice Secretary was accused of “hypocrisy” last night for celebrating the Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary while backing Britain to ditch the Human Rights Act.

4th October 2013 –

1. Another blow by the don’t care society – Inside Time 

The government has chosen to ignore experts who work within the prison system and the Courts and make cuts to Legal Aid. APL Chair Andrew Sperling hopes it’s not too late…

30th September 2013 –

1. The Association of Prison Lawyers response to evidence requested by the Joint Committee on Human Rights’ inquiry on the implications for access to justice of the Government’s proposals to reform Legal Aid.

9th September 2013 –

1. Legal aid is still in jeopardy – The Guardian

Despite a partial U-turn, Chris Grayling still wants to cut £220m from legal aid, at the risk of infringing the right to a fair trial

4th September 2013 –

1. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling rules out a separate Welsh legal jurisdiction – Wales Online

The Conservative MP has also defended plans for a massive new ‘superprison’ in North Wales as he said the judiciary should spend more time in this country

2. Police called in over alleged fraud by Serco staff – The Guardian

Staff working on contract to transport prisoners alleged to have been misleadingly recording prisoners as ready for court

3. Four more prisons set to close despite chronic overcrowding in system – Daily Mirror

A Government source confirmed the Ministry of Justice is preparing to announce  “a reconfiguration of the prison estate”

3rd September 2013 –

1. Joint press letter on ECHR at 60 – published today

The 60th anniversary European Convention on Human Rights is something to be celebrated – The Telegraph

23rd August 2013 –

1. Letter from Chris Grayling to Law Society 

Grayling ploughs on with civil legal aid reforms & will not wait for JCHR to report:

15th August 2013 –

1. Fighting a battle on different fronts

Legal aid lawyers don’t need your sympathy, says APL ChairAndrew Sperling − the people they represent do

14th August 2013 –

1 Joint Letter to the UK Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor

Transforming Legal Aid Consultation: Civil Justice Proposals

26th July 2013 –

1. Former Newcastle Council leader warns of damaging legal aid cuts – Newcastle upon Tyne Chronicle 

Former Newcastle Council leader Lord Beecham has hit out  in a House of Lords speech about the damaging cuts to legal aid

20th July 2013 –

1. ‘Local justice will suffer if government cuts legal aid’, say Bolton solicitors

PEOPLE will be denied access to local justice if a huge-shake up of legal aid goes ahead, Bolton solicitors have warned.

18th July 2013 –

1. Human rights select committee to investigate civil legal aid cuts – Solicitors Journal

The Commons joint committee on human rights, chaired by Welsh-speaking Labour MP Hywel Francis, has today launched an inquiry into the implications of the further cuts in civil legal aid demanded by justice secretary Chris Grayling.

17th July 2013 –

1. Portsmouth MP opposes planned changes to legal aid – Portsmouth News

A PORTSMOUTH MP is urging the government to reconsider its changes to legal aid provisions.

16th July 2013 –

1. Legal aid reforms could undermine fundamental principles of justice, warns CPS – The Independent 

In a surprising intervention, the Crown Prosecution Service said that proposals to limit legal aid and pay fixed fees to defence solicitors might not be “consistent with” the UK’s six fundamental of principles of justice. It also warned one of the proposals set out by the Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, could conversely have the effect of pushing up costs.

14th July 2013 –

1. Top judge hits out over ‘joke’ legal aid reforms to deliver ‘justice on the  cheap’ – Mail Online

A senior judge has delivered the most damning  verdict yet  on the Government’s plans to deliver ‘justice on the cheap’ by  letting giant companies bid for legal aid contracts.

11July 2013 –

1. Children and legal aid – The Independent Letters

The Government’s proposed changes to legal aid threaten children’s access to justice and put their protection, safety and wellbeing at risk

9th July 2013 –

1. Locked up and litigious: what are we spending on legal aid for prisoners? – FullFact.org

8th July 2013 –

1. Criminal bar chair backs Law Society’s stance on legal aid – Law Society Gazette

The chairman of the Criminal Bar Association has called for unity in the profession and attempted to quell ‘disquiet’ over the Law Society’s decision to share with the Ministry of Justice its proposals for an alternative to price-competitive tendering (PCT).

2. Law Society alternative legal aid proposals – Law Society Gazette

The Law Society last week published alternative proposals to the government’s Transforming Legal Aid plan, saying they would retain client choice, provide
certainty and facilitate greater market efficiency.

4th July 2013 –

1. Circuit judges attack cuts to judicial review and prison law – Solicitors Journal

The Council of Her Majesty’s Circuit Judges is strongly opposed to some of the government’s key civil legal aid cuts, it has emerged today.

2. Injustice in court – Red Pepper

The extension of secret courts and devastating cuts to legal aid show the government’s contempt for the British justice system, says Jon Robins

3rd July 2013 –

1. Chris Grayling gives evidence to the Justice Select Committee – Parliament TV VIDEO

Price Competitive Tendering Proposals in the Government’s Transforming Legal Aid Consultation

2. Who is that man in the Lord Chancellor’s seat? – OpenDemocracy.net

Grayling, who bears the title Lord Chancellor and has taken an oath to respect the rule of law, was all spin and no content, the consummate PR man.

3. Derby solicitors welcome Government U-turn – Derby Telegraph

A GOVERNMENT u-turn on proposals to reform legal aid has been welcomed by a  Derby solicitors firm.

2nd July 2013 –

1. Legal aid reforms still unjust after Government U-turn, warn charities – The Independent

Victims of domestic violence and trafficking ‘will not be able to find fair representation’

2. Legal aid cuts: ‘a return to widespread miscarriages of justice’ – The Guardian

What impact will the latest raft of legal aid cuts have on people fighting councils or who are wrongly accused of a crime?

1st July 2013 –

1. Grayling signals legal aid climbdown over client choice – The Guardian

Justice secretary says he expects to change proposal that would have deprived defendants of ability to choose solicitor

2. City lawyers join fight against legal aid cuts – finally – Law Society Gazette

City law firms have joined the attack on the government’s legal aid cuts, warning that they ‘pose a potentially irreversible risk to the standards and reputation of English justice’.-.-

27th June 2013 –

1. Lib Dem Simon Hughes condemns government’s legal aid plans – The Guardian

The Liberal Democrat MP Simon Hughes has condemned government plans to deny criminal defendants the right to choose their solicitor as a clear rift emerges within the coalition over cuts to legal aid.

26th June 2013 –

1. APL eBook of Case Studies

eBook on our Consultation response page here

2. APL Legal Aid Consultation Response Summary

Added to our Consultation response page here

25th June 2013 –

1. Legal Aid Reforms: It’s Not Just Criminals and Minorities Who Could Miss Out on Justice – It Could Be You – Huffington Post 

After months of insightful articles in the legal blogosphere expressing contempt over the government’s proposed legal aid reforms, lawyers finally went public in recent weeks holding demonstrations outside parliament and the Ministry of Justice.

24th June 2013 –

1. Legal aid cuts spark fears of a justice gap – Shropshire Star

Senior legal experts from across Shropshire have warned the county is facing a “justice gap” as a result of major cuts to legal aid provision.

23rd June 2013 –

1. Clegg wades into Cabinet legal aid row as he insists people should be able to choose their solicitor – Mail Online 

A cabinet split over plans to cut legal aid deepened last night as Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg signalled his concerns for the first time.

2. Legal aid cuts are a step too far – Palatinate

That the present government has a vendetta against society’s poorest and most vulnerable has been made abundantly clear.

21st June 2013 –

1. ‘This is astonishing stuff’: Split over legal aid shake-up goes right to the top – The Independent

‘Lord Chancellor cannot convince even government’s own senior law officer of merits’

20th June 2013 –

1. Legal aid reform is worrying West Norfolk solicitors – Lynn News

Ministry of Justice proposals to reform legal aid are worrying solicitors in West Norfolk who say it will lead to removal of a defendant’s right to choose their own lawyer.

2. Further legal aid cuts ‘risk injustice and miscarriages of justice’, says the Family Justice Council – Family Law Week

FJC publishes its response to Transforming Legal Aid consultation here.

19th June 2013 –

1. Legal aid cuts ‘will drive out the best’, Lord Neuberger warns – Solicitors Journal 

‘Less legal aid means more unrepresented litigants and worse lawyers’

18th June 2013 –

1. Concern expressed over proposed legal aid reforms – Bedfordshire on Sunday

Planned reforms to the provision of Legal Aid could have dire implications for the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society, lawyers and campaigners are warning.

17th June 2013 –

1. Lawyers to join striking courts staff for protest against cuts – PCS

Lawyers campaigning against legal aid cuts will join hundreds of striking courts staff in Manchester for a protest on Monday (17 June) as thousands more walk out across the UK.

2. Legal aid cuts ‘end high-profile BME cases’ – Law Society Gazette

High-profile cases such as those of murder victims Stephen Lawrence and Victoria Climbié would not have been taken up by lawyers if the government’s legal aid cuts had been in place, a prominent solicitor-advocate has warned.

15th June 2013 –

1. Natural justice faces a savage loss of innocence – The Guardian

Plans to reduce legal aid are an unwarranted assault on the very nature of our legal system

14th June 2013 –

1. Legal Aid: Well, they are called the wheels of justice… – The Independent

13th June 2013 –

1. Legal aid cuts could be ‘incompatible with equality law’, EHRC says – Solicitors Journal 

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has warned that the government’s legal aid cuts could be ‘incompatible with equality law’.

12th June 2013 –

1. Legal aid changes could damage living conditions for young prisoners, YOTs warn – Children & Young People Now

It will be harder for young people held in youth prisons to challenge their treatment and living conditions if planned changes to legal aid are pushed through, youth offending team (YOT) managers have warned.

10th June 2013 –

1. Legal aid cuts will deny vulnerable women justice – The Guardian

Campaigners warn that proposals to slash the legal aid budget will price trafficked women and victims of domestic violence out of the justice system

2. How transforming Legal Aid will affect people accused of a crime who cannot afford legal fees. – The Lawyer

A commentary by Maura McGowan QC

9th June 2013 –

1. New face of British justice: Eddie Stobart lorry boss who judge called  incompetent – Mail Online

A haulage firm boss described as ‘slapdash’ and  ‘incompetent’ by a High Court judge intends to become the new face of legal  criminal defence work in the UK.

2. Cutting legal aid is the surest way to threaten justice – The Observer

Lawyers are vehemently opposed to the new system and they are right to be concerned

7th June 2013 –

1. Six reasons the cuts to legal aid will ruin our justice system – The Independent

The Men from the Ministry are puzzled that their proposals to ‘reform’ legal aid have been so widely condemned.

2. It will create an underclass’: Government lawyers warn Justice Secretary Chris Grayling over proposed ‘unconscionable’ changes to legal aid – The Independent

Group of 145 barristers sign open letter setting out fears about the reforms

3. Crown court judges criticise Chris Grayling’s legal aid plans – The Guardian

Council of circuit judges attacks government plan to save money by preventing defendants from choosing own solicitor

4. Citizens Advice warns that the impact of fresh legal aid cuts will be felt far beyond criminal courts – citizensadvice.org.uk

Unintended consequences of criminal legal aid cuts could harm innocent people. Gillian Guy, Chief Executive of national charity Citizens Advice, today warns that innocent people could be “the real losers” from proposed reforms to criminal legal aid.

6th June 2013 –

1. Treasury Counsel issue warning over MoJ legal aid cuts – The Lawyer.com

The Government’s litigation advisors, the Treasury Counsel, have waded into the row over legal aid cuts and warned that changes to the judicial review (JR) system will leave public bodies unaccountable to the public.

2. Protesters claim aid cuts ‘may see miscarriages of justice’ – Northampton Chronicle & Echo

Barristers, solicitors and other legal experts made a protest outside Northampton Crown Court this morning about proposed cuts to legal aid

5th June 2013 –

1. Lawyers stage protest at Manchester Magistrates Court over changes to legal aid system – Manchester Evening News

Solicitors in Manchester held a ‘minute of unity’ outside the court to demonstrate their opposition to the proposals

2. Protesters attack legal aid cuts – ITV News

Protesters gathered outside Birmingham Crown Court this morning, condemning legal aid cuts. This coincided with the hundreds of protesters who attacked the cuts at a demonstration outside the Ministry of Justice.

4th June 2013 –

1. Lawyers block road outside Ministry of Justice in protest against legal aid cuts – The Guardian

Prominent QCs join demonstration against Chris Grayling’s plans, which they say will destroy UK’s reputation for fair trials

2. Exeter and Plymouth lawyers walk out in legal aid demo – BBC News

At 09:59 BST barristers and solicitors staged a one-minute protest outside crown courts in Plymouth and Exeter.

3. Legal aid overhaul – what the changes will mean to you – The Guardian

Proposals include competitive tendering for contracts and cuts to experts’ fees, while wealthy clients may face a nasty shock

4. Former top judge warns changes to legal aid are ‘fundamentally flawed’ and pose  serious threat to Britain’s ‘world-renowned’ justice system – Mail Online

Government plans to overhaul legal aid threaten  to destroy Britain’s ‘world renowned’ system of fair justice, a former judge  warned today.

5. ‘Price trumps all’: Barristers condemn legal aid cuts – politics.co.uk

Fresh legal aid reforms are setting up a “fundamentally flawed” system where “price trumps all”, barristers have warned.

3rd June 2013 –

1. Government’s legal aid cuts threaten to ‘decimate’ access to justice – new warning Amnesty International UK (Press Release)

The government’s proposed cuts to legal aid and restrictions to the judicial review process constitute an unprecedented threat to accessing justice in England and Wales, Amnesty International has said ahead of a demonstration outside the Ministry of Justice tomorrow.

2. Cuts in legal aid could deny thousands justice – Bristol Post

Officials have already blocked legal expenses  for anyone earning more than  £37,500 and now want to restrict the number of solicitors who can claim state  funding for working on criminal and civil cases.

3. Stakes raised again as legal aid reforms loom -Law Society Gazette

The profession’s increasingly vociferous campaign against the cuts outlined in the Transforming Legal Aid consultation reached a crescendo last week, ahead of tomorrow’s deadline for responses.

2nd June 2013 –

1. Legal aid cuts ‘put a generation of children in danger’ – The Independent 

Lawyers warn it is just a matter of time before they are dealing with a case of murder

2. Legal aid cuts will lead to ‘justice on the cheap’, says Bradford barrister – Bradford Telegraph & Argus

A leading Bradford barrister has echoed warnings from city solicitors that justice will not be done if Government proposals to cut legal aid go ahead.

1st June 2013 –

1. Lawyers brand legal aid reform threat to justice – Yorkshire Post

Hundreds of lawyers’ jobs face the axe across Yorkshire as a result of controversial legal aid reforms which could leave ordinary people trying to defend themselves in court, solicitors have warned.

31st May 2013 –

1. Chris Grayling’s proposed reforms to legal aid undermine the foundations of British justice

The British legal system is revered around the world, yet radical proposals have been made to change it – proposals which would be disastrous not only for the legal profession, but for the hard-working families of the UK.

30th May 2013 –

1. Legal aid cuts ‘will hammer middle England’ – Law Society Gazette

Four out of five adults in England and Wales would be unable to pay for a lawyer were they accused of a crime, according to a survey of the likely impact of the government’s planned legal aid cuts.

29th May 2013 –

1. Legal Aid moves threaten justice – Daily Express

Dozens of leading barristers have warned that the Government’s legal aid reforms will threaten the public’s “practical access to justice”.

2. Justice will suffer in legal aid shake-up to save cash, say QCs – London Evening Standard 

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling was today accused of undermining “the rule of law” as 90 top barristers launched a new attack on legal aid reforms.

28th May 2013 –

1. Leading barristers warn over legal aid cuts – The Telegraph 

Dozens of Britain’s leading barristers have warned that reforms of the legal aid system by Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, will “seriously undermine the rule of law”.

2.    Are proposed legal aid savings realistic? – North West Evening Mail

SOLICITORS took to the streets last week to protest against the government’s proposals to overhaul the Legal Aid system.

3. CSAN protests at legal aid cuts for victims of trafficking & domestic violence – Independent Catholic News

CSAN (Caritas Social Action Network), the social action arm of the Catholic Church, has expressed its strong concerns that proposed changes to the legal aid system could see victims of trafficking and domestic violence left without any support or recourse to justice in an open letter to the Secretary of State for Justice, Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP.

24th May 2013 –

1. Legal aid cuts: what price justice? – The Guardian

Chris Grayling wants to strip £220m from the legal aid bill by denying defendants a choice of representation. Do we really want to put our legal system in the hands of the lowest bidder?

23rd May 2013 –

1. The Government’s Shameful Treatment of Lindsay Sandiford – Huffington Post

Yesterday, there were two stark reminders of why legal aid is so important. First, a demonstration took place outside Parliament against the proposed cuts to legal aid..

2. The legal aid cuts are just the beginning of a move towards a fully privatised criminal justice system – The Independent

The privatisation of legal proceedings in the US has led to untold miscarriages of justice – and now it’s coming to a town near you

3. Why legal aid reforms must be stopped, Exhibit B: the “murderer” – New Statesman

Innocent people could be in jail if proposed changes to the legal system are implemented. Here is one of them.

4. Lawyers protest at parliament against slashing of legal aid – Socialist Worker

Around 1,000 lawyers, legal workers and supporters rallied opposite parliament today, Wednesday, against government plans to slash legal aid in criminal cases.

22nd May 2013 –

1. Lawyers protest outside parliament against legal aid cuts – The Guardian

Hundreds, some wearing wigs and gowns, demonstrate against justice secretary’s plans, which they say undermine UK justice

2. Lawyers protest against proposed legal aid changes – Channel 4 News

Up to a thousand lawyers are expected to stage a protest against planned cuts in criminal legal aid at Parliament today.

3. Legal aid budget protests: Eight reasons to back lawyers’ campaign – Daily Mirror

£320million has come out of the budget for civil legal aid, now the Government  wants another £220million cut from the criminal budget

4. Catholic church says legal aid cuts will harm human trafficking victims – The Guardian

Letter sent to justice secretary by senior Catholic officials warns that residency test for legal aid will harm vulnerable people

21st May 2013 –

1. Public fear legal aid cuts will lead to wrongful convictions, poll finds – The Guardian

Bar Council survey shows 71% fear innocent defendants will be found guilty if forced to choose cheapest lawyer

2. Barristers and solicitors protest against proposed changes to legal aid – thisisleicestershire.co.uk

Barristers and solicitors held a public protest outside Leicester Crown Court  today in support of the Save the Criminal Justice Campaign.

20th May 2013 –

1. Grayling defends legal aid reforms – The Times via Crimeline.info

Chris Grayling has insisted that his legal aid reforms will go ahead — and denounced critics who warn that price will prevail over quality.

2. Legal aid cuts will lead to state-sponsored miscarriages of justice – The Guardian

Chris Grayling’s ill-thought-out plans could devastate confidence in our legal system

18th May 2013 –

1. MOJ/NOMS Publication – Costs per place and costs per prisoner 2011/12 –


16th May 2013 –

1. Letter to Chris Grayling from a constituent – The London Criminal Courts Solicitors’ Association

I am one of your constituents and I run a specialist firm of criminal defence solicitors based in south west London.

2.  A letter to the Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, Secretary of State for Justice – theintrigant blog

Can I congratulate you on your splendid proposals for reforming criminal legal aid, set out in the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) paper on 9th April 2013?

15th May 2013 –

1. Why do we need criminal lawyers? – York Crime Solicitor Blogspot

The most asked question we get is how do you do it representing the guilty? 

2. How the Ministry of Justice’s proposal for the tendering of criminal legal aid is misconceived and illiberal – New Statesman

This is a flawed proposal which will have highly damaging effects.

14th May 2013 –

1. Undermine Legal Aid and you put our entire justice system at risk – The Independent

13th May 2013 –

1. Why Students should Sign the Petition against Price Competitive Tendering – Gray & Co. Solicitors

Whether you have been following the news about the proposed legal aid cuts and Price Competitive Tendering (PCT) or not, it is something that could affect everyone, but in particular law students. Criminal solicitors all over the country are worrying about the effect it will have on the Criminal Justice System and their practice if it comes into play, and whether they will be out of a job or not.

2. Whoever you are – the proposed cuts to legal aid affect you! – NoOffense!

“Fat Cat Lawyers”… “Habitual Criminals waste tax payers money in legal aid” “Prisoners have nothing better to do than bring legal challenges”

3. Legal aid changes ‘must be stopped to prevent devastating impact on Wales’ – Wales Online

Cross-party justice committee expected to announce inquiry into highly controversial reforms

12th May 2013 –

1. Leading academics warn legal aid cuts ‘could have devastating effects’ – The Law Society

In a letter to The Times on Tuesday 7 May nine leading legal academics from six of the country’s top universities set out their concerns that the government’s plan to cut criminal legal aid and introduce a system of tendering based on price could have devastating and irreversible consequences….

11th May 2013 –

1. Don’t Keep Calm, Save Legal Aid


10th May 2013 –

1. Grayling to face crime lawyers – Law Society Gazette

Full Story: http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/news/grayling-face-crime-lawyers

2. No justice in legal aid changes – The Guardian


9th May 2013 –

1. Devon and Cornwall lawyers vote for legal aid action – BBC News

Full Story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-22455968

2. Solicitors up in arms over legal aid changes – Lancaster Guardian

Full Story: http://www.lancasterguardian.co.uk/news/lancaster-and-district-news/solicitors-up-in-arms-over-legal-aid-changes-1-5658766

3. MOJTransforming Legal Aid- List of Consultation events


8th May 2013 –

1. New 2013 Criminal Bills Assessment Manual released:


2. Legal aid tendering: will it actually work? – The Guardian 8th May 2013

 Full Story: http://www.guardian.co.uk/law/2013/may/08/legal-aid-tendering-moj?CMP=twt_gu

3. Eddie Stobart drives into legal aid row – The Guardian 8th May 2013

Full Story: http://www.guardian.co.uk/law/2013/may/08/eddie-stobart-legal-aid

7th May 2013 –

1. Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Article in Travellers Times by Chris Johnson, Community Law Partnership and Marc Willers, Garden Court Chambers: http://www.travellerstimes.org.uk/blog.aspx?n=469fc1fa-4ab0-4cf2-9e8f-22ddf6282d28&h=False&c=f1b1c82c-0f3c-4edf-98cd-502ea80ed8fa

2nd May 2013 –

1. Legal Aid: back in the firing line – Inside Time Article 

Andrew Sperling looks into what the government’s latest proposals might mean for prisoners and what can be done to try to stop them. Read the full article here.

2. Legal Aid: Government consult on £220m saving plan

Inside Time Newspaper: http://www.insidetime.org/articleview.asp?a=1467&c=legal_aid_governmentconsult_on_220m_saving_plan#.UYKggiV7HnE.twitter …

3. When prisoners mean profit, the numbers don’t go down

The Guardian http://gu.com/p/3fgq8/tw 

4. Solicitors Journal – Solicitors agree not to bid for cut-price contracts


1st May 2013 –

1. LEGAL FUTURES Stobart Barristers sets sights on criminal legal aid contract

http://www.legalfutures.co.uk/latest-news/stobart-barristers-sets-sights-criminal-legal-aid-contract#.UYGTg1lWsZI.twitter …

30th April 2013 –

1. Law Society Gazette Article

“Grayling’s prison clampdown is a smokescreen, says association chair”

Reforms to prison privileges announced by the justice secretary today have been condemned as ‘cheap shots’ to ‘whip up prejudice’ and create a ‘smokescreen’ to detract from legal aid cuts.

The chair of the Association of Prison Lawyers, Andrew Sperling, questioned why Chris Grayling had decided to involve himself in the question of the incentives and earnings scheme for prisoners when there are ‘more pressing’ issues for him to deal with.

Read the full article here

29th April 2013 –

1. Inside Time and Converse articles

There are articles submitted by APL in both Inside Time and Converse this week.Print versions out shortly.
2. Save the Date! – Manchester 14 May
Details of our Manchester campaign event will be confirmed on the site very shortly.  It will take place on 14 May 2013 at 530pm.
See our Training page here.