A Message from CLSA and LCCSA #SaveUKJustice

If you are in London tomorrow morning, the 22nd of May then we urge you to support a demonstration outside Parliament to protest at PCT and Legal Aid Cuts.

The meeting will be addressed by, amongst others:
  • Clive Stafford-Smith
  • Gerry Conlon (Guildford 4)
  • A member of the family of Jean Charles de Menezes
  • Breda Power (Daughter of Billy Power, Birmingham 6)
  • Dave Rowntree, Solicitor and Blur drummer.
The event is likely to get national TV publicity and so large numbers will help to show strength of feeling.
The meeting will take place at Old Palace Yard, Westminster (outside Houses of Parliament).
Full details at: http://www.lccsa.org.uk/assets/documents/Misc/LCCSA_flyer_A5.pdf