Older age and mental disorder in the criminal justice system - Crime in Mind Seminar - 27.04.21, 4-6pm. With John Gunn, Katrina Forsyth, Janet Parrott, Rachel Daly, Amanda Thompsell, @PamelaJaneTayl1 @AndForrester @Renske_Visser

New APL post: Continued severe COVID-19 regime restrictions risk psychological decline in prisoners

New APL post: Secure video calls to help prisoners maintain family ties

In response to question @hammersmithandy @CommonsJustice we hear that 14 women and 4 men have been released so far in response to the #COVID19 pandemic in prisons

In reply to @neill_bob we hear that 13 prisoners and 3 members of prison staff have died

New APL post: Measures announced to protect NHS from coronavirus risk in prisons

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