09.05.2013 Judicial Review, prisoners and penal reform: what next?


The Howard League for Penal Reform in conjunction with the Association of Prison Lawyers:

Judicial Review, prisoners and penal reform: what next?

Panel Members: Phillippa Kaufmann QC (Doughty Street Chambers), Martha Spurrier (Public Law Project), Laura Janes (The Howard League for Penal Reform).
Chair: Tabitha Kassem (The Howard League for Penal Reform)
Thursday 9th May 2013 at Doughty Street Chambers, 53-54 Doughty Street, London, WC1N 2LS
6pm – 7:30pm                          2 CPD points                       Refreshments will be provided
The Howard League for Penal Reform is pleased to invite you to the next meeting of our Lawyers’ Network Group on prisoner’s rights, legal aid and judicial review.
On 9 April 2013, the Ministry of Justice announced major changes to judicial review and representation for prisoners. ‘Transforming legal aid ’ proposes to scrap legal aid for prison cases that are not about the length of detention or certain adjudications . It also proposes changes to judicial review funding so that providers will shoulder the financial risk of bringing cases, and only be reimbursed if they are subsequently granted permission. These plans follow a consultation issued in December on judicial review .
This panel-led event will provide an opportunity for wide ranging discussion on the issues currently surrounding prisoners’ rights and judicial review proceedings in the context of the proposed cuts.  We will consider the role that judicial review has played in advancing change in the penal system over the past decade and consider future prospects in light of the government’s proposed changes both to funding and procedures for judicial review.  It will also look at the role prison lawyers have played in avoiding the need to bring full scale judicial reviews by resolving problems at an early stage.

Places are Limited, to reserve a place, please email legal2@howardleague.org by Friday 3rd May 2013.