APL Annual Conference 2016 Webinar

no5APL Annual Conference (London) Webinar 2016

The cost is just £120 for APL members and £180 for non-members.

Download your booking form here: apl-conference-webinar-booking-form-2016-london.

This webinar contains 11 Video Sessions:

  • Prisoners and Strasbourg Jurisprudence – Ian Brownhill
  • Exceptional Case Funding for Prisoners – Simon Creighton and Laura Janes
  • Action on Delays in Parole Cases – James Dixon and Andrew Sperling
  • Solicitor Access to Parole and Recall Cases – Chris Kemp (Public Protection Casework Section (PPCS), Offender Management & Public Protection Group (OMPPG))
  • Guest Speaker Professor John Gunn– Crime In Mind
  • Breakout sessions or Panel Discussion on Risk Assessment – (all academics & practitioner forensic psychologists) Dr Robert Forde, Dr Ruth Tully, John Gunn
  • Administrative Court practice update – Matt Stanbury (Garden Court Chambers)and Paul Seddon (Chairman of ACL Legal Aid Group)



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