Prison Law

The Association of Prison Lawyers Annual Conference 2018

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Early booking is advised as spaces are limited.

When: Thursday 6th December 2018

Where: Matrix Chambers, Griffin Buildings, London WC1R 5LN

TIMETABLE  (may be subject to change)

10.00 to 12.30

AdjudicationsDulcie Piff (Birds Solicitors), Dr.Laura Janes (The Howard League)
ParoleDean Kingham (Swain & Co.),  John Turner (Kyles Legal Practice)

12.30 to 13.30 – LUNCH

13:00 – The Association of Prison Lawyers Annual General Meeting (AGM) – Members only.

13:30 – Update on Risk Assessment – Understanding Risk and Protective Factors Emma Stevenson, forensic psychologist.

14:30 – Tea/Coffee Break

14:45 – Case Law UpdateHamish Arnott (Bhatt Murphy) and Ayesha Christie (Matrix Chambers), Chaired  by Dan Squires QC (Matrix Chambers)

15:45 – Tea/Coffee Break

16:00 – Meeting the Needs of Specific Client Groups – Young Adults (Dr.Laura Janes, The Howard League)and Women Prisoners (Rachel Chapman, Broudie Jackson Canter)

17:00 – Tea/Coffee Break

17:30 – Update from the Parole Board and Q&AMartin Jones, Chief Executive Officer, The Parole Board and Caroline Corby, Chair, Parole Board

18:30 – Drinks